How To Love Your Yorkie Even More!

Puppy Care

Always a good thing to  touch their paws and ears so that they can get use to it.  Your vet or groomer needs to clean their ears or cut their nails.


Your new bundle of joy needs a warm, quiet place to sleep, nutritious food, regular grooming, and lots and lots of love and patience.


Your puppy needs constant supervision when not in a confined area.


Your puppy will respond to love and patience.  It will cover and hide from loud noises and anything painful.


A dog makes very quick connections between cause and affect, sometimes not the connection that was intended.

Example of dog logic:  Your puppy is peeing on the pee pad, and at the same time you drop a pan on the floor, or a child lets out a scream.  Puppy will make the connection between his peeing on the pad and the frightening noise, and might not feel comfy to pee on the pad again.


Solution:  Try to move pee pad to another spot and see if it makes a difference.


Always handle puppy with kind, gentle hands.  Never hit your puppy, they will fear your hands and run away.

House Training

Puppy will be a baby for at least a year.  It can take a long time.  It won’t happen overnight.


There are many different methods that you can get from the internet.  Be consistent whichever one you choose.



Bath your yorkie once a week with a good quality dog shampoo. Make sure to rinse thoroughly.   Brush your puppy even though they don’t need brushing yet.  Make them use to it from a young age.
Make them use to a blow dryer and to trim their toenails regularly.   Trim the hair on their butts.

 Clean corners of their eyes regularly.  I just wash it with a wet face cloth or use a fine tooth brush to comb it out.   Start brushing their teeth at an early age.  It will help to prevent tarter build up, bad breath and gum disease.

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You MUST watch to make sure that your puppy is eating.  The stress of going to a new home and getting over tired from being handled by their new family can be overwhelming and cause not to eat.  This can cause hypoglycemia.


Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can be fatal if not caught quickly.  If puppy appears to be weak or lethargic and has not been eating, give him/her a lick of honey or little bit of glucose water, immediately.  If no improvement within 5-10 minutes, call your vet immediately.


Feed your baby a good quality food.  Keep food in their bowl all the time.  Most yorkies will not over eat.


Puppy needs a warm, quiet place to sleep.  Children must be taught not to disturb the puppy if it is sleeping.  Expect your puppy to cry at night when left alone, they used to littermates.


Some active play before bedtime – they will sleep better.


Don’t start anything that you don’t want to become a habit.


Learn to do the Yorkie shuffle.  They quick and can easily be injured if stepped on.

Do not allow children to run when puppy is around, they can trip and fall on the puppy causing serious injury.


Have children sit on the floor when holding the puppy, they can wiggle out of childs arms and fall or jump on the floor.


Never put a collar on your puppy.  Small breeds are prone to collapsed trachea, caused by collars.  ALWAYS A HARNESS.


Have a puppy spayed/neutered, can prevent a variety of health issues, including cancer.

Bad Habits

Much easier to PREVENT them than to CORRECT them later.

CHEWING:  Make sure puppy has plenty of toys (toy box) to chew – then they will leave your furniture, etc. alone. 

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